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Bright Eyes Drops are the original ones which were tested on National TV in the UK - Watch these two short videos from the show and see the amazing results for yourself. Be sure to only order our official bright eye drops as featured on the show - don't settle for cheap imitations that don't work.

Bright Eyes Drops - Live Trials on National TV
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The Richard & Judy TV Show Trials

Amazing Results Seen After Just 6 Weeks

National Publications

 View the Daily Mail eye drops for cataracts article
"Eye Drops that Melt away Cataracts"
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"My Husband had a bad reaction to his
cataract operation due to sensitive eyes"
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"Not only is it safe for humans,
it works on animals too!"
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We are constantly inundated daily with questions about which
drops are genuine and which drops are fake...

So, to put the record straight, my name is Peter Aldred and I originally launched Ethos back in August 2000 to promote the very latest innovations
in healthy nutrition and supplementation. I was the one who was
responsible for the Richard & Judy TV trials which launched
Bright Eyes Drops for cataracts back in December 2003.

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for CataractsIn the same month, my business partner, Hilary Roach from Lifelong products in the UK, was also responsible for getting us this excellent feature in the Daily Mail -

Since that great publicity, where 3.1 million viewers watched the show, the NAC eye drop market has exploded and, as with any success story, over the last seven years many people have tried to cash in on it.

There are now literally dozens of companies and individuals purporting to be selling the genuine Bright Eyes Drops for cataracts 'as seen on the Richard & Judy Show and as featured in the Daily Mail' but they are actually selling less expensive copy-cat versions.

The 'powers that be' don't want the general public knowing that these drops are a viable alternative to cataracts surgery, as it's a 6.8 a billion dollar a year industry to them in the States alone, so they do nothing to help us stop this blatant plagiarism. This situation was summed up brilliantly in a USA Doctor's newsletter, where he states in his penultimate paragraph:

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for Macular Degeneration (AMD)The enormous benefits of NAC eye drops should be the topic of every nightly newscast and front-page headlines on every newspaper - but you and I both know that just won't happen. Cataract surgery and treatment has become too big of a business. With the oldest of the baby boomers just now beginning to reach the age where cataracts starts to form, the condition will become a surgical "cash cow".

You can read his full newsletter article here -

A 14 year old boy we treated with the drops gave us the brilliant analogy; when he was asked why cataracts surgeons didn't recommend using our eye drops and he said "It would be like asking turkeys to vote for thanksgiving".

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for GlaucomaMany of the fake drops come from Eastern Europe and are of questionable quality and efficacy. At least one lab in the USA that we know of was shut down by the FDA for making similar eye drops to ours, but not complying with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) - we later found out to our horror that they were actually making them in an old bath tub!

Whenever using any medication, especially eye drops that go directly into your eyes, sterility is obviously of paramount importance. Bright Eyes Drops for cataracts are manufactured in our ISO2001 accredited facilities to ABOVE USA ophthalmic grade specifications and requirements. We then have independent sterility testing carried out on them, by a leading independent test laboratory, as an extra security measure to ensure that every new batch of Bright Eyes is of the exact same standard of excellence as the last. Ask any other supplier to show you a copy of their independent sterility test and I'm certain that they won't be able to, unless, like everything else, they have copied ours.

Ethos Bright Eyes Drops for CPetsBright Eyes for Pets - I was the first person to start promoting Bright Eyes for Pets and other animals and now there's a myriad of others doing the same. I guess, as they say, plagiarism is one of the biggest forms of flattery. Here's our latest website specifically designed for pets and other animals which we launched recently following the incredible results we got with a kangaroo in a wildlife sanctuary in Western Australia -

A picture paints a thousand words, as they say, and I just wonder how long it will be before these photos are posted across the internet on other eye drops websites saying that it was their drops that helped this kangaroo to see again.

You will also see on this site that Bright Eyes Pet Drops are endorsed by Dr Elizabette Cohen, the New York WCBS880 News Radio Pet Vet, after she got outstanding results getting rid of her dog Allie's cataracts. She was so impressed that she made us a short video testimonial, and a couple of audio recordings, about the drops and how well they work, as a thank you to us for producing them and to help encourage other pet owners to use them to help their pets to see better again.

You can watch her testimonial video here -

Shortly after we had added the video to our website, I received an email from Elizabette in which she sent me a link to one of our competitors websites in the states and asked if we had given them permission to use her video. I replied that I hadn't given anyone else permission to use it, and didn't even know it was there. She put the WCBS880 News Radio solicitors on the case and the video disappeared from their site within hours. It's just a pity that the Richard & Judy Show is no longer running or we could have got their solicitors to do exactly the same with all the people who are using our video without permission.

The real, genuine, BRIGHT EYES DROPS are the only ones so far that have the CE Mark of Approval which was another first for us. That said, I'm sure after reading this article that some of our competitors will simply print the CE mark on their labels without going through the rigorous application processes. They have absolutely no morals or work ethics and are only interested in getting as many sales as they possibly can. Conversely, myself and my colleagues that I work with, are far more interested in helping people who need the drops to gain a better quality of life, and the money being merely a by-product for providing a very helpful and worthwhile service.

The ONLY other genuine brand of NAC eye drops that we manufacture are called RE-VITAL-EYES. These are the exact same drops, but with a different brand name and label, and are intended for sale over the counter (OTC) in Europe as no medical claims are associated with this brand name - they are sold merely as 'Lubricating Comfort Eye Drops'. Being the exact same drops, they obviously have exactly the same effect and benefits, it is just that we are not allowed to state that in our promotional and marketing materials. These are also available for both people and pets and again can now very easily be identified as genuine by my passport photograph and the CE Mark on the label.

This brand is slightly less expensive as we cannot make medical claims for it and it can be ordered from our new European website here -

As the CE mark can be easily printed on any other eye drops labels, I got my 'thinking cap' on and came up with the new security innitiative of printing my passport photograph on the label. This can then easily be matched and identified with my image on the Richard & Judy Show video and on the top right hand side of this page. I don't think even the most unscrupulous of our competitors would forge labels with my photograph on, but we will see.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, 'why have the other drops got the same date and batch number on as our ones?'. We know that several of our competitors order from us regularly, so they are able to see as soon as the batch number and date changes and it's then simply a matter of printing a new label and putting it on their eye drop bottles before posting them out to their poor unsuspecting customers.

One of the main manufacturers of the counterfeit drops recently changed the pH value of their formula to stop the slight stinging sensation that some customers report, but a little knowledge can be very dangerous and, this may have stopped them stinging, however this also negated the delivery mechanism, so even if they have real NAC in their drops, it won't penetrate through the cornea of the and get to the lens of the eye where it is needed.

Other cutting-edge genuine Ethos brand products include; Ethos Elan Vital (AKA Ethos Endymion), Ethozyme and Ethos Marine Phytoplankton.

Another first for Ethos is our latest unique and innovative product, developed for us by a leading Ophthalmologist in the States, called ETHOS EZY-DROPS which take the nightmare out of applying any type of eye drops, not just our Bright Eyes drops.

You can watch the video to see exactly how they work here -

Because of all this intrigue and deception, we have put together this website to give you the truth about Ethos Bright Eyes Drops and also to list ALL of the approved distributors of our original and genuine NAC eye drops.

If the company and website isn't listed below, then they simply aren't the real McCoy and you can expect very disappointing, if any, results.

Our Official Company Sites:

Officially Approved Distributor Sites:

For added security, ALL officially approved websites have a Genuine Ethos Products Banner, as shown below, that links back to this site to prove their authenticity.

We hope that this helps to clear up all the confusion that there is out there at the moment and we wish

you speedy results and continued natural healing with our Ethos Healthy Lifestyle Products.

Now also available directly from amazon and eBay...